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Barista Prima Coffeehouse®


Vue® Pod
  1. Italian Roast coffee with unsweetened dairy froth
  2. Contains Milk
  3. Caffeinated
  4. Orthodox Union Dairy Kosher

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16 Count
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Product Description

A lively, flavorful shot of our acclaimed bold Italian Roast forms the heart of this authentic blending of premium gourmet coffee and dairy froth. With just a hint of deep-roasted smokiness perfectly balanced by the delicate natural sweetness of milk, it’s a Barista Prima Coffeehouse® masterpiece.

Note: This specially-designed Café Beverage variety requires the use of 2 Vue™ pods for each brew. Each box of 16 Café Beverage Vue™ pods includes 8 Coffees and 8 Frothers.

Allow pod to cool. Carefully peel back tab to separate foil lid and any filter from cup. Recycle your cup wherever #5 plastics are accepted. #5 plastics may not be recyclable today in your community, so please check locally.

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$11.49 $11.49 Vue 16 ct.
  • Vue Box 16 ct.


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