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Keurig® 2.0 K350 Brewing System

K350 Includes:

  • Keurig™ Carafe
  • 6 K-Cup® Packs
  • 4 K-Carafe® Packs
  • Water Filter Handle and Cartridge
Works with:
Keurig 2.0
YOUR FAVORITES. YOUR WAY. The Keurig® 2.0 K350 Brewing System features revolutionary Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology™, designed to read the lid of each K-Cup™ or K-Carafe™ pod to brew the perfect beverage every time. There’s even a separate setting for specialty beverages such as hot cocoa, chai and mochas.

The K350 series brewer allows you to brew a 4-cup carafe with the same ease and convenience of brewing a single-serve cup — all at the touch of a button. And nothing like a typical coffee maker.

Other brewer features include a 60 ounce water reservoir, 2.4 inch interactive black and white touch display, and a strength control setting for brewing bolder coffee. Choose over 500+ different varieties, from 75 brands you love including Green Mountain Coffee®, Starbucks®, Lipton®, and more. Look for Keurig Brewed® seal on your favorite K-Cup pod and K-Carafe pod varieties to ensure a delicious cup every time.

K-Cup Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 ounce
Travel Mug Sizes: 12, 14 ounce
Carafe Sizes: 2-3 cups, 3-4 cups, 4-5 cups

The Keurig 2.0 K350 Brewing System includes a Keurig™ Carafe, a 2.0 Water Filter Starter Kit with one filter, and K-Cup® and K-Carafe™ pods to get you started.

Variety pack includes:

4 K-Carafe™ pods:

  - Green Mountain Coffee® Breakfast Blend

 - Green Mountain Coffee® French Roast

 - Green Mountain Coffee® French Vanilla

 - The Original Donut Shop® Regular

6 K-Cup® pods:

  - The Original Donut Shop® Regular Extra Bold

 - Green Mountain Coffee® Hazelnut

 - Green Mountain Coffee® Nantucket Blend®

 - Barista Prima Coffeehouse® Italian Roast

 - Starbucks® Pike Place® Roast

 - Celestial Seasonings® English Breakfast Tea




Compatibility Note: Not sure if you have the right K-Cup® pod? Look for the white outer ring, and the black Keurig Brewed® seal on the lid. On K-Carafe™ pods, look for the dark rim and the noticeable green dot on the lid. Keurig® cannot guarantee that pods without the Keurig Brewed® logo will work in the Keurig 2.0 brewer.

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