Maintenance and Cleaning

Brewer Maintenance and Troubleshooting 
This section provides you with suggested maintenance of your Keurig® brewer for proper operation and troubleshooting information. If you are unable to find what you need, please contact our Customer Service.

Brewer Maintenance

Cleaning the Brewer
Regular cleaning will prolong the life of the brewer and is recommended for proper operation. We recommend you clean the external components with a soapy, damp, non-abrasive cloth. Never immerse the brewer in water or other liquids. The K-Cup™ Holder and funnel, drip plate and drip tray (on the Elite, Classic, Ultra, Special Edition, Ultimate, Platinum, Select and OfficePRO® Premier) are dishwasher safe. The removable water reservoir and water reservoir removable lid are NOT dishwasher safe so you’ll need to clean them by hand.

Additionally, when brewing hot cocoa, Café Escapes or Perfect Iced Tea K-Cup® varieties, you should always remove these K-Cup® packs after brewing and perform a cleansing brew to ensure that the K-Cup™ Holder is clear of any residue.

Please ensure that no cleaners or cleaning solutions are in or near the removable water reservoir as this may contaminate your water supply.

Cleaning the K-Cup™ Holder
  1. Remove the K-Cup® assembly
    To remove the assembly from the brewer, open the cover by lifting the handle. Grasp the top of the K-Cup™ Holder with one hand while pushing up on the bottom of the assembly from underneath with the other until it releases. The K-Cup™ Holder is dishwasher safe.
  2. Clean the Funnel
    The funnel can be removed from the K-Cup™ Holder by pulling on it until it snaps off. The funnel is dishwasher safe. To replace it just snap it back onto the K-Cup™ Holder.
  3. Clean the exit needle
    The exit needle is located on the inside bottom of the K-Cup™ Holder. If coffee grounds or cocoa mix gets clogged in the exit needle, it can be cleaned using a paper clip or similar tool. Remove the funnel from the K-Cup™ Holder, insert the paper clip into the tube and move it around to loosen the clog and remove any debris. Please note, you cannot poke all the way through the needle as the opening of the needle is located on the side and not the top.
  4. I've seen Descale/Cleaning Solutions in the store sold next to your brewers. Are these OK to use for descaling my brewer?
    We recommend using Keurig™ Descaling Solution to clean your brewer. Other solutions could harm the brewer and decrease performance/overall life. Using descale solution that is not "Keurig Brewed" may result in Keurig not being able to honor your warranty. Learn how to descale your brewer.
Descaling your brewer
The brewer should be descaled at least every 3-6 months. Scale is harmless, but if left unattended, it can hinder optimal brewer performance. Descaling your brewer regularly helps maintain the heating element, removable water reservoir and other parts of the brewer that come in contact with water. Better water quality and water heating means a better cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage. We recommend descaling your brewer at least every 6 months (every 3 months if your water has a high mineral content). To learn how to descale your brewer: 

[+] View descaling instructions

Brewer Troubleshooting

Brewer Will Not Power On
First check to make sure the brewer is plugged in. If using a GFI outlet, check to see if it has tripped. To ensure that the outlet is working properly, plug other appliances in the outlet that the brewer is plugged into. You should also check to make sure the power button has been pushed. For the Platinum brewer, the power switch is on the back/bottom of the brewer. The MINI Plus brewer is designed to turn off automatically after sitting idle for more than 90 seconds so if it turns off, press the power button again to turn it on.

Brewer Will Not Brew When Used For The First Time
The brewer must be primed for use by filling the internal hot water tank before the first brew. If the brewer is cold or frozen, wait two hours to prime so that it can reach room temperature. Priming instructions are located in your brewer’s Quick Start Guide.

[+] Find brewer user guides

Brewer Will Not Brew
Make sure the brewer is powered on. After placing the K-Cup® pack in the K-Cup™ Holder, make sure the handle is pushed down securely and the LCD Display reads ‘READY TO BREW’ with the ‘LEFT’, ‘RIGHT’ or ‘BREW’ button flashing, and press the flashing button. 

If the LCD Display indicates ‘ADD WATER’, add water to the removable water reservoir or make sure the water reservoir is seated properly in its base. If the LCD Display indicates ‘ADD WATER’ even after refilling, please contact our Customer Service.

The MINI Plus brewer needs at least 6 oz. of water to brew. If the blue Water Indicator is still illuminated, add more water to the water reservoir.

Brewer Shuts Off or Turns On Automatically
Check to make sure that the Auto Off or Auto On/Off Timer has not been set. To do this, press the button below ‘MENU’ and scroll through the programming options. ‘OFF’ should be displayed for Auto Off and Auto On/Off.

Brewing a Partial Cup
If the brewer is not brewing the full amount selected, it may be caused by the following:
  • The exit needle is clogged by coffee grounds or cocoa mix. Please refer to the K-Cup™ Holder cleaning instructions.
  • The brewer needs to be descaled. Please refer to the descaling instructions.
  • The removable water reservoir was removed during brewing. Place the water reservoir back onto the brewer and perform a cleansing brew without a K-Cup® pack.
Coffee Grounds in the Cup
Coffee grounds may have gathered in the exit needle from a K-Cup® pack so you’ll need to clean the needle.
  • Remove and clean the exit needle in accordance with the K-Cup™ Holder cleaning instructions.
  • Perform a small-cup cleansing brew and look for any grounds coming out.
  • Repeat cleansing brews to clear out any residual grounds. 
  • • If you are using the MY K-CUP® Reusable Coffee Filter, please make sure that you are using a course-drip. You should only fill the mesh basket to the bottom of the brown band, which is approximately 2.5 tbs.

The blue light in the removable water reservoir is blinking
This indicates that the water level is low. Add more water to the water reservoir.

The time is not displayed on the LCD Display
The time will not be displayed on the LCD unless you set it. If power is interrupted to the brewer, you will need to set the clock again. To set the clock, follow the instructions in your brewer’s Use & Care Guide.

[+] Find brewer user guides

Installing the Water Filter
First soak and insert the Filter Cartridge in the bottom of the Water Handle Assembly. Set the replacement date dial 2 months ahead. Simply grasp the handle and insert it into your empty, removable water reservoir. Be sure to push down firmly all the way down to correctly attach the Water Filter to the inside of your removable water reservoir.

How to use the MY K-CUP® Reusable Coffee Filter
  • Open the Filter Holder by turning the lid counter-clockwise and remove the Filter Basket.
  • Wash the Filter Holder, lid and Filter Basket with warm soapy water prior to first use, then rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Remove the K-Cup™ Holder from your brewer. To do this, first lift the handle of the brewer, and then grasp the outside housing of the K-Cup™ Holder with the thumb and index finger of one hand and push up from below with the index finder of your other hand while holding the housing firmly.
  • Fill the Filter Basket with your desired amount of coffee. In general, roasters recommend 2 tbsp. of coffee for every 6 oz. of water used. The basket (filled to the top of the mesh) holds approximately 2.5 tbsp. of coffee so that you can adjust to your personal preferences. There are line markings on the inside of the filter that designate 1 tbsp. and 2 tbsp. Do NOT fill the Filter Basket past the top of the mesh or tamp the grinds. Be sure there are no coffee grinds remaining on the upper rim of the filter. 
  • Place the Filter Basket in the Filter Holder and slightly twist the lid, turning clockwise.
  • lace the Filter Holder in the K-Cup® Assembly Housing in the brewer (remember, you must remove the K-Cup™ Holder first).
  • Lower the handle and brew as you normally do by pressing the desired brew size button.
  • After brewing, lift the handle and remove the Filter Holder from the brewer.
  • Open the Filter Holder by turning the lid counter clock wise. Lift the Filter Basket, discard the grounds and rinse out the Filter Basket and Holder. The Filter Holder and Filter Basket may be HOT so please use caution.
  • To replace the brewer’s original K-Cup™ Holder, lift the handle of the brewer and place the K-Cup™ Holder into the Assembly Housing, align the three holder tabs with the corresponding housing slots, and press the holder into the housing to snap it into place

Coffee grounds in MY K-CUP® Reusable Coffee Filter appear dry
The grinds should appear dry. This is an indication that the brewer’s air purge at the end of each brew cycle is working properly, putting all of the coffee into the cup and not allowing it to remain in the MY K-CUP®.

There is water in the MINI Plus brewer drip tray
Remember that any liquid overflow (from your cup or the Cold Water Reservoir) will be caught in the drip tray. When the drip tray is almost full, the red Drip Tray Overflow Indicator will appear. Carefully remove the drip tray and empty its contents into the sink.

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