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Register your Keurig® brewer online now.

By registering your Keurig® home brewer online at, you will qualify to receive our Limited One Year Warranty and you may also be eligible for a free offer.

Registering your Keurig® home brewer online is easy. All you need to do is submit your brewer information and sign in or create an account. The information that you need to provide is the brewer serial number, the date and place of purchase. For K-Cup® Brewing Systems, the serial number is on the bottom of the brewer, or behind the removable drip tray. For Vue® Brewing Systems, the serial number is on the interior body behind the removable water reservoir.

By registering your brewer, we can confirm the date of purchase for your product, which is important for warranty purposes. This confirmation is of benefit to you, especially if your original proof of purchase is lost. Please note that this warranty is void if your Keurig® home brewer is used in a commercial/office environment.

Register your first THREE brewers and you are eligible to receive an offer for 2 free K-Cup® (22, 24, 25 count) or Vue® Pack (12, 16 count) or Rivo™ Pack (18 count) boxes with the purchase of 2 boxes. Note: This offer is valid only for the first three brewers registered per household (This does not include the 80 count boxes)

After online registrations are verified, a coupon code will be provided in a confirmation email sent to the confirmation email associated with your online account. It may take up to one week to verify online registrations and process a coupon code request. The coupon code will allow you to apply the discount at checkout for a future order.

Registering your brewer will also keep you connected with Keurig. Please note: Keurig licensed brewers should be registered directly with the manufacturer. See contact information below.

  • For Mr. Coffee brewer with Keurig Brewed® Technology, please contact Mr. Coffee Customer Service at 1-800-672-6333 or go to the Mr. Coffee website at
  • For Cuisinart brewer with Keurig Brewed® Technology, please contact Cuisinart Customer Service at 1-800-211-9604 or go to the Cuisinart website at
  • For Breville brewer with Keurig Brewed® Technology, please contact Breville Customer Service at 1-866-BREVILLE or go to the Breville website at

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