About Keurig Brewed®

About Keurig Brewed®

The Keurig Brewed® seal is our promise that the coffee you love is inside. Every product with the seal has passed rigorous testing, assuring the quality, taste and safety you expect from Keurig.

We recommend you only use products with the Keurig Brewed® seal with the Keurig Brewer as these meet the Keurig standards for taste, quality and safety and are tested to perform in the Keurig Brewer. We do not make or test the other brands. Also, using unapproved portion packs or accessories may decrease your brewer's performance, overall life, and may affect its warranty.

You can rest assured all products on Keurig.com are authentically Keurig Brewed® products. Shop for over 250 varieties of Keurig approved coffee, tea, hot cocoa and Brew Over Ice beverages for the Keurig K-Cup®, Vue® and Rivo® Brewing Systems. If you are purchasing from another site or store, just be sure to look for the "Keurig Brewed" Seal.

  1. The box my coffee came in doesn't have the "Keurig Brewed" stamp on it OR I no longer have the box the portion packs came in; can I use these portion packs in my Keurig Brewer?

    You may have an older box that is approved for use in a Keurig Brewing System; it just may not have the "Keurig Brewed" logo. To be sure, please check the list of our authorized roasters below.

    Please note: if you choose to use an unapproved portion pack, it may decrease your brewer's performance, overall life and may affect its warranty.

  2. The box says, "For use with single serve systems." Does that means it's approved to work in your machine?

    No. Unless the box it came in says "Keurig Brewed" or the roaster is listed below, it is not approved for use in Keurig Brewing Systems.

  3. If I want to use my own coffee, what accessories are approved to use in your brewing system?

    If you want to brew your own coffee, the MY K-CUP® and MY K-CUP® Refill Pack are the only approved accessories for this purpose. All approved accessories are listed on Keurig.com under the Accessories Section.

  4. I've seen Descale/Cleaning Solutions in the store sold next to your brewers. Are these OK to use for descaling my brewer?

    We recommend using vinegar to clean your brewer. Other solutions could harm the brewer and decrease performance/overall life. Using descale solution that is not "Keurig Brewed" may result in Keurig not being able to honor your warranty. Learn how to descale your brewer.

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