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Why do my K-Cup® pack lids look different?
Our K-Cup® packs have been recently redesigned with outer rings featuring the words “Keurig Brewed®.” Keurig Brewed® is our promise that every cup you brew meets Keurig’s highest standards for quality, taste and safety.
Does this impact the contents of the K-Cup® pack?
  • No, the printing on the lid in no way impacts the contents of your K-Cup® pack. You will continue to experience a perfect beverage, every time, without exception.
Why do some packs in my K-Cup® box have a white outer ring while others have a slight gray or light lavender ring?
  • As our partner brands transition to this new design, there may be slight shade variations in the outer rings ranging from white to light gray to light lavender. This variation in no way impacts the contents of your K-Cup® pack.
There are additional appearance changes to some of the brands. Does that mean the contents have changed?
  • We have also updated the lid color for both Newman’s Own® Organics and Green Mountain Coffee® K-Cup® packs. The primary Newman’s Own® Organics lid color changed from gold/copper to red/burgundy and the primary Green Mountain Coffee® lid color changed from green to brown. The lid color in no way impacts the contents of your K-Cup® pack.  You will continue to experience a perfect beverage, every time, without exception.
Are you also changing Vue® pack lids?
  • No, we are not changing Vue® pack lids at this time.
Will these design changes impact the price of K-Cup® packs?
  • No, product prices will not change.
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What process is used to decaffeinate the coffee?
Keurig’s roasting partners use different processes to decaffeinate their coffee. The most widely used processes include the SWISS WATER® Process which is a 100% chemical free coffee decaffeination. Most other processes, use chemical solvents, like methylene chloride, to decaffeinate coffee beans. Conversely, the SWISS WATER® Process uses only water when removing caffeine, producing water processed decaf coffee.

The majority of decaf coffee, about 80%, is decaffeinated with a chemical decaffeination method using chemicals like methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. There are two types of chemical caffeine removal processes: direct and indirect.

The terms “water process”, “natural process” and “European process” are sometimes used to describe decaffeination processes. In fact, all three terms often refer to decaffeination processes that use chemicals. We recommend contacting the Roaster directly to inquire about specific coffee decaffeination methods.

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Are the K-Cup® packs Kosher?

Most K-Cup® packs are Kosher Certified Pareve. The only exceptions are hot cocoa K-Cup® packs, which are certified Kosher-Dairy. When a hot cocoa K-Cup® packs is brewed in a Keurig brewer, the brewer converts from Kosher Pareve to Kosher-Dairy and any subsequent K-Cups brewed in this brewer would be classified Kosher-Dairy. If you want your Keurig brewer to remain Kosher Pareve, you'll need a second Keurig brewer for brewing hot cocoa K-Cup® packs. Using a second K-Cup holder will not keep the brewer Kosher Pareve.

Below are the specific organizations that pertain to our K-Cup® packs brands. The abbreviations below found in "quotations" are the symbols we use to represent a Kosher product. These symbols can be found on the K-Cup® packs detail page, K-Cup® packs box and on the lid of the K-Cup® packs.

  • "U" Orthodox Union pertains to: Caribou Coffee® K-Cup® packs, Donut House Collection™ K-Cup® packs, Green Mountain Coffee® K-Cup® packs, Newman's Own® Organics K-Cup® packs, Perfect Iced Tea K-Cup® packs, select revv™ K-Cup® packs, select Tully’s® K-Cup® packs, and Twinings® of London K-Cup® packs"KSA" Kosher Supervision of America pertains to: Coffee People® K-Cups, Diedrich K-Cup® packs, Emeril’s® K-Cup® packs, Gloria Jean’s K-Cup® packs and Timothy’s Coffee® K-Cup® packs
  • "K" Star-K pertains to: Celestial Seasonings® K-Cup® packs
  • "MK" Jewish Community Council of Montreal pertains to: Bigelow K-Cups and Van Houtte K-Cup® packs
  • "K" Va'ad HaRabanim pertains to: Tully's® K-Cup® packs
  • "KOF-K" Kosher Supervision pertains to: Ghirardelli Packets

Café Escapes® K-Cup® packs and revv™ Pulse K-Cup® packs and are not Kosher certified. 

Please refer to the K-Cup® packs detail page (below the add to cart button) for specific information about Kosher certification.

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What allergens are contained in your K-Cup® packs?
Flavored coffee K-Cup® packs made by Coffee People®, Gloria Jean’s, Green Mountain Coffee® and Timothy's Coffee® do not contain any nut proteins. They declare that their flavored coffees are free of all nut allergens because the flavored coffees are all flavored in separate vats from the non-flavored coffees. Even though there are no nut proteins used, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters performs a thorough clean-down between flavors during the production process.

Hot cocoa K-Cups may contain milk, soy or tree nuts so please refer to the K-Cup® packs detail page for specific nutritional information about a hot cocoa K-Cup® pack:

Café Escapes Mocha Specialty K-Cup® packs
Café Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup® packs
Café Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup® packs
Café Escapes Chai Latte K-Cup® packs
Green Mountain Coffee Hot Cocoa K-Cup® packs
Timothy’s White Hot Chocolate K-Cup® packs
Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Packet

Additionally, all coffee and tea K-Cup® packs are egg, dairy and gluten-free.
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How much caffeine is in the coffee?
Coffee contains between 75 and 150 mg. of caffeine per 8 oz. cup, depending on the roasting strength and other factors. It is difficult to measure the nutritional content of coffee, because it varies depending on many things. Generally, the darker the coffee is roasted, the less caffeine it contains.

Almost all decaffeinated coffees still contain some caffeine. The international standard by which decaffeinated coffee is characterized is by having at least 97% of the caffeine removed. Decaf coffee should fall somewhere in the range of 2 to 4 mg. per 8 oz cup. For more detailed information, we recommend contacting the Roaster directly.

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Do any of your K-Cup® packs contain gluten?
All of the coffees offered in K-Cup® packs are gluten and gluten by product-free. The Café Escapes French Vanilla Café-au-Lait K-Cup® pack contains small amounts of wheat. The Timothy’s Lemon Blueberry Tea K-Cup® pack contains malted oats.

For additional nutritional information on a particular K-Cup® pack, we suggest you contact the Roaster directly.
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Is there any fat or sugar in your K-Cup® packs?
Coffee and tea K-Cup® packs do not contain fat or sugar. Natural and artificial flavorings added to coffee do not add any significant nutritional value. A cup of regular black coffee will contain approximately 2-4 calories (less than 1 gram carbohydrates) and 0 fats. Flavored coffees will add 0.8 calories, 0.3 grams carbohydrates and 0 fats.

Hot cocoa K-Cup® packs, Perfect Iced Tea K-Cup® packs and Café Escapes® K-Cup® packs do contain sugar. Please refer to the K-Cup® packs detail page for specific information about a K-Cup® packs.
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What does "Fair Trade" mean?

Fair Trade is an innovative, market-based approach to sustainability that restores balance to the power dynamic in the coffee supply chain. Fair Trade Certified™ means co-ops and their farmers get a fair price for their beans. Every pound sold has a minimum price they can count on and the prices exceed the co-op’s cost of production, increasing resources for health care and education and helping farmers feed their families.

To qualify for Fair Trade certification, farmers must belong to a democratically organized co-op. Because they get a fair price, these small family farmers can grow coffee with respect for the community and the land, avoiding cost-cutting practices that sacrifice quality and the environment’s health.

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What does "Rainforest Alliance" mean?

Rainforest Alliance Certification ensures the environment and wildlife are protected, workers receive decent wages, improvement of living conditions including access to education, medical care and clean water, and that coffee is harvested and processed responsibly.

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Can I make hot cocoa with my brewer?

Yes, you can easily make gourmet hot cocoa with your Keurig brewer. Hot cocoa K-Cup® packs are available by Green Mountain Coffee®, Timothy’s Coffee® and Café Escapes®. Green Mountain Coffee developed the hot cocoa recipe with external suppliers and has performed extensive testing with revisions to introduce a product that appropriately represents Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee’s quality and convenience standards. Hot cocoa K-Cup® packs are designed to be brewed on the 8 oz. setting. The smaller brew size setting may result in a significant percentage of un-dissolved powder and a "weaker" hot cocoa beverage.

Keurig also offers premium hot cocoa from Ghirardelli®, a packet specially formulated for Keurig brewers. You merely add the contents of the packet into your cup or mug, brew water on the 8 oz. setting on your Keurig brewer, stir with a spoon and enjoy.

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Where can I learn about how to Brew Over Ice and what varieties are available?

Click for Brew Over Ice instructions and a full listing of our iced beverages. Instructions can also be found on all specially marked Brew Over Ice beverage packs.

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What is an Extra Bold K-Cup® pack?

If you love a more robust cup of coffee, we suggest trying Extra Bold K-Cup® packs. They provide a more intense, richer coffee experience because they contains up to 30% more ground coffee than regular K-Cup® packs. Extra Bold varieties are the perfect choice for those who enjoy strong, fuller bodied coffees with distinctive flavors and layers of subtleties. To satisfy a wide range of flavor preferences, Extra Bold K-Cup® packs are available in light, medium and dark roasts.

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What is the difference between conventional and Travel Mug K-Cup® packs?

Travel Mug K-Cup® packs create perfectly-brewed coffee on your largest Keurig brew setting. New technology allows for more coffee to be packed into these K-Cup® packs, which means the coffee is as strong and rich when brewed at 10 oz. or 12 oz. as a conventional K-Cup® pack is when brewed at 6 oz. or 8 oz.. Depending on the size of the travel mug and the brewer, you may have to remove the brewing tray to enable the mug to fit.

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What is in revv™ K-Cup® packs?
revv and revv Pulse K-Cup® packs have approximately 40% more caffeine per 8 oz. serving than regular K-Cup® packs and approximately 27% more caffeine per 8 oz. serving than the leading energy drink. (Note: specific caffeine content varies slightly from K-Cup® to K-Cup®). revv Pulse K-Cup® packs contain ginseng and guarana.

Ginseng is a naturally occurring plant root that has been used for hundreds of years in recipes and teas and is found in many energy drinks today and guarana is a naturally occurring shrub that bears small red fruit, which are harvested for consumption.
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Are K-Cup® packs Recyclable?

The challenge of protecting the freshness of roasted coffee while using environmentally friendly packaging is one that both Keurig and the coffee industry are committed to overcoming. We are very sensitive about the waste created by the K-Cup® packs and are investigating alternative materials. Finding a solution for this is a priority for us, and one we hope to have before long.

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How long are the K-Cup® packs good for?

Each K-Cup® pack has a Best-Used-by-Date imprinted on the side. The Best-Used-by-Date is a guideline for optimal freshness recommended by the Roaster, it’s not an expiration date. K-Cup® packs are nitrogen-flushed, sealed for freshness and impermeable to oxygen, moisture and light.

Our Timothy's® and Van Houtte® brands are based in Montreal, Quebec, a predominantly French speaking region of Canada. The BUBD (Best Used By Date) on the packaging for these brands is displayed as BBMA (Best Before/Meilleur Avant). “Meilleur Avant” is the French translation of “Best Before.”

If your box of K-Cup® packs indicates BBMA, this date will be displayed in Year/Month/Day format, with the Month being a 2 letter abbreviation. For example, a Best Used By Date of March 15, 2014 will read BBMA 2014 MR15.

The Canadian month abbreviations are:
  • January JA
  • February FE
  • March MR
  • April AL
  • May MA
  • June JN
  • July JL
  • August AU
  • September SE
  • October OC
  • November NO
  • December DE

As always, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team at 866-901-BREW(2739) if you have any additional questions regarding your beverage.

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Can I exchange coffee/tea?
Unfortunately, coffee, tea and hot cocoa K-Cup® & Vue™ packs are not eligible for return or exchange once you’ve completed an order. We offer 5-count samples for most K-Cup® packs on so that you can purchase a small amount to sample and find the right K-Cup® pack for you.

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Can K-Cup® packs be used more than once?

K-Cup® packs are intended to be used only once. Most of the flavor has already been extracted from the grounds when first brewed.

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Do you have low-acid coffee in a K-Cup® pack?

Currently we do not have a low-acid K-Cup® pack.

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What happened to my favorite beverage?

Unfortunately, some of our varieties have been discontinued on Our roaster partners are often looking for ways to improve their selections to provide you with the best coffees, teas, hot cocoas, and iced beverages. This means they may make a tough decision to retire some products. Please visit the link below to try out our other recommended favorites.

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