K-Cup® Package Sizes

K-Cup® packs are sold in various package sizes online and in stores.

Keurig.com Package Sizes vs. Retail and Grocery

Keurig.com offers a wide selection of package sizes. We offer Boxes that typically contain 24 K-Cup® packs (Please note: sizes do vary and some boxes contain 22 K-Cup® packs). The K-Cup® pack count is listed in parentheses near the add to cart buttons throughout the site.

Retail stores typically offer 18 packs and grocery stores offer 12 packs.

Samples & Variety Boxes

Keurig.com also offers Samples, which contain 5 K-Cup® packs. Samples are a perfect way to try a new coffee, tea or hot cocoa without committing to a full box. We also offer a limited selection of Variety Samples so that you may try 5 different K-Cup® packs in one box. Or if you would like to sample a larger variety of K-Cup® packs, give one of our K-Cup® Variety Boxes a try. K-Cup® Variety Boxes contain multiple varieties from one roaster and generally contain 22 K-Cup® packs.

Value Size

If you are interested in the convenience of a larger size box, try Value Size. Keurig® offers a selection of Value Size options, which contain 80 K-Cup® packs of the same variety.

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