Bolt Pack Support

Q: Are the Bolt packs Kosher?
A: All currently available Bolt™ packs are Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union.
Q: Will more varieties be added to the Bolt pack portfolio?
A: We will introduce new varieties for Bolt™ on an ongoing basis.
Q: How much coffee is in each Bolt™ pack?
A: Like our K-Cup® and Vue® packs, the number of grams in each pack varies depending on coffee’s roast level, grind and formulation for optimal brewing.
Q: What quantity pack boxes will be offered?  Are there any plans for other box counts?
A: We currently offer the Bolt pack in an 18 count case, available through our Keurig authorized distributors.  We will add further box counts to fulfill customer needs.
Q: What is the best way to recycle the Bolt packs?
A: The plastic cup used in our Bolt™ packs is made of #5 plastic, so it can be recycled wherever #5 plastic is accepted. #5 plastic may not be currently accepted for recycling in your community. Check with your municipality or waste hauler, or visit for more information about recycling the Bolt™ pack’s plastic cups.
Q: With increase in temperature, is there any chance of plastic leaching from the Bolt pack?
A: The plastic will not leach from the Bolt™ pack. We only use FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved plastics that have been approved for use in this temperature range.
Q: Are phthalates used in the Bolt™ pack?  Is it BPA free?
A: The packs do NOT contain any phthalates.
The packs are BPA free (BPA: Bisphenol A).
Q: Is there any fat or sugar in your Bolt™ packs?
A: All currently available Bolt™ packs do not contain fat or sugar.
Q: What does “Fair Trade” mean?
A: Fair Trade is an innovative, market-based approach to sustainability that restores balance to the power dynamic in the coffee supply chain. Fair Trade Certified™ means co-ops and their farmers get a fair price for their beans. Every pound sold has a minimum price they can count on and the prices exceed the co-op’s cost of production, increasing resources for health care and education and helping farmers feed their families.
To qualify for Fair Trade certification, farmers must belong to a democratically organized co-op. Because they get a fair price, these small family farmers can grow coffee with respect for the community and the land, avoiding cost-cutting practices that sacrifice quality and the environment’s health.
Q: Can I make hot cocoa with my Bolt™ brewer?
A: Currently, the Bolt™ brewer does not have an option to brew hot cocoa.
Q: How long are Bolt™ packs good for?
A: Each Bolt™ pack has a Best-Used-by-Date imprinted on the side of the pack. The Best-Used-by-Date is a guideline for optimal freshness recommended by the Roaster, it’s not an expiration date. Bolt™ packs are nitrogen-flushed, sealed for freshness and impermeable to oxygen, moisture and light.
As always, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team at 866-901-BREW866-901-BREW(2739) if you have any additional questions regarding your beverage.
Q: Can Bolt™ packs be used more than once?
A: Bolt™ packs are intended to be used only once. Most of the flavor has already been extracted from the grounds when first brewed.

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