Vue® Pack Package Sizes

Why are there different sizes of Vue® packs?
Some Vue® packs are small-sized, others are medium-sized, to accommodate varying ingredient volumes necessary to produce an optimal beverage. In short, a larger optimal beverage requires more ingredients for a perfect brew. For example, the medium cup allows more space for more ingredients in beverages like the Barista Prima Coffeehouse® varieties or the iced latte and travel mug size coffees.

How much coffee is in each Vue® pack?
Like our K-Cup® packs, the number of ounces (or grams) in each pack varies depending on the beverage. Even among coffee packs, volumes vary depending on the coffee’s roast level, grind, and formulation for optimal brewing.

We currently offer two box counts for the Vue® packs:
16 count (small cups) and 12 count (medium cups), which are available in our Retail and e-Commerce channels. The boxes for each are the same size.

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