Keurig’s new commercial grade system
will change the way you think about brewing a pot of coffee through an easy to use and convenient portion pack.

Innovative Technology

Keurig’s new commercial-grade system delivers faster brew speed than the market-leading 120V pot coffee maker and features high quality, consumer-recognized coffee brands. The Keurig® Bolt™ system will transform the way you think about brewing a pot of coffee whether it be in a workplace, hotel or cafeteria setting. Simply place the Bolt™ pack into the brewer, press the Brew Button and enjoy a 64 oz. pot of coffee in about two minutes.

Faster Brewing Speed

The Bolt™ brewer can deliver 64 oz. of delicious coffee in about two minutes vs. four minutes or more for a leading pot (120V) coffee brewer.

Consistent Quality and Taste

The sealed Bolt™ packs keep coffee grounds fresh. Since the coffee is pre-measured, your freshly brewed coffee will always have the excellent, consistent taste Keurig is known for.

Greater Convenience, Better Operating Efficiency

The Keurig® Bolt™ system uses convenient Bolt™ packs. With the ideal brewing environment inside, these packs require no pre-measuring and have no messy filters or spilled grounds to clean up. The dynamic Color Touchscreen is programmable and makes it simple to brew a pot of coffee and dispense hot water.

Recycling the Bolt™ Pack Cups

Recycle your Bolt™ pack’s plastic cup wherever #5 plastic is accepted (which is in approximately 60% of US Communities). Visit for more information on whether your community is able to recycle #5 plastic today. If you are unable to recycle locally, you have the option to send your used plastic cups to be recovered by Peserve’s® “Gimme 5” program through our website.

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