Brew Over Ice
Brew Over Ice. A Whole New Way To Enjoy Your Keurig Brewer.

Just when you thought your Keurig® experience couldn’t get any better… our Brew Over Ice packs introduce a whole new way to enjoy your Keurig® brewer. Now you can enjoy a perfectly brewed iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, or fruit brew at home, anytime you want! Just choose a specially crafted Brew Over Ice pack, brew over a full cup of ice, and enjoy! It's icy refreshment at the touch of a button.

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Brew Over Ice.
Turn Your Brewer Into a Lemon Stand. /

We’ve put all the sweet and tangy lemonade goodness of a fresh-squeezed lemonade into a K-Cup® pack. Fill a cup with ice, press brew, and stir it up.

Green Mountain Naturals.
Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade
3 and a half stars
Green Mountain Naturals®
Enjoy the sun-splashed flavor of fresh-squeezed lemons right from your Keurig® brewer. Simply brew over ice for a sweet, refreshing treat made with real lemons.
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