The Evolution of Coffee Makers

Your perfect cup beings with great coffee...
and a great coffee maker!

How do you brew? Whether it's a percolator, glass vacuum brewer, or classic drip coffee maker, there have been many attempts to develop the best way to pull the complex flavors out of coffee beans. Depending on your skill and the effectiveness of your coffee machine, you may brew a good pot of coffee. But this method leaves a lot to chance.

EASY & CONVENIENT - Keurig® brewers are engineered to use the perfect water temperature, water pressure, method of moving water through the coffee, ratio of water to the coffee, and how much time the two spend together. Every crucial step is done for you so creating a great cup of coffee, every time, is easy. Plus, there's no mess and no clean up!

FRESHNESS - No more racing to get the first, fresh cup and no more dumping out the last, burnt cup at the bottom of the carafe. Watching the percolator bubble to make sure the coffee has the right depth of color is a thing of the past. Now, all you need to do is press one button. In less than a minute, you're enjoying your perfect cup of joe!

VARIETY - With Keurig® brewing systems, it's all about choice. You're no longer forced to drink the same type of coffee as the person before you. You can pick your own favorite blend, roast, or flavor and have a personalized cup, made just for you.

Even if you prefer iced coffee, Keurig® brewing systems make it easy. Simply fill a heat resistant cup with ice, choose one of our specially blended Brew Over Ice beverages, brew as normal, and enjoy the refreshing result. We even have Brew Over Ice Sweet & Creamy iced coffees that automatically brew light & sweet with no extra steps!

In addition to a wide variety of coffees from all over the world, Keurig® brewing systems brew a variety of teas, hot cocoa, and real fruit beverages including Hot Apple Cider, Brew Over Ice Lemonade, and delicious Vitamin Burst® beverages.
Brew great coffee with one of our Keurig® Brewing Systems:

K-Cup® Brewing System

The K-Cup® Brewing System lets you choose from national coffeehouse brands, international blends, as well as tea, hot cocoa, iced beverages, and more.

Vue® Brewing System

The Vue® Brewing System offers more control so you can simply customize your perfect cup, every time. Now you can: Brew Stronger. Brew Bigger. Brew Hotter.®

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