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Turn your day gourmet.

From big, bright aromas, to robust roasts, Folgers Gourmet Selections® coffee offers a new escape in every cup. Your Keurig® brewer makes it simple to choose a perfect cup for break time, or anytime.

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Folgers Gourmet Selections.
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Gourmet coffee with exciting flavors.

The perfect varieties to make any day a reason to go gourmet also available in easy-to-use Vue® packs.

Folgers Gourmet Selections
Folgers Gourmet Selections Black Silk Coffee
4 stars
Folgers Gourment Selections®
Black Silk Coffee
Wake up to this uniquely bold and exceptionally smooth, yet subtly smoky taste.
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Folgers Gourmet Selections Caramel Drizzle® Coffee
3 and a half stars
Folgers Gourment Selections®
Caramel Drizzle® Coffee
Melt into the flavor of soft, buttery caramel and let it take you to a delicious escape.
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Folgers Gourmet Selections Lively Colombian Coffee
4 stars
Folgers Gourmet Selections®
Lively Colombian Coffee
The distinctively rich and full-bodied taste of 100% Colombian beans.
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Folgers Gourmet Selections Vanilla Biscotti Flavored Coffee
4 stars
Folgers Gourmet Selections®
Vanilla Biscotti
Flavored Coffee
Hints of freshly baked vanilla biscotti flavor paired with gourmet coffee.
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