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Everything’s better with a great cup of coffee.

A great cup of coffee is one of life’s simple pleasures. It brightens your day and makes things just seem … better. That’s why we work hard at every stage of the process to offer you that great cup of coffee you turn to every day. We roast more than 100 varieties of high quality Arabica beans, and offer one of the largest selections of Fair Trade Certified™ coffees in the country. Like dark roasts? Want a great decaf or satisfying flavored brew? There’s a Green Mountain Coffee® favorite for everyone.

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Our work, our passion

We have a singular purpose at Green Mountain Coffee®: to create the ultimate coffee experience in every life we touch, from source to cup. From our earliest beginnings to the start of today, everything we do from sourcing and roasting the highest quality beans to treating our employees right and focusing on issues of sustainability is in support of that big picture. Learn more about the Green Mountain Coffee® brand.

Brewing a better world together

At Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., being a good global citizen is not something we do in addition to making great coffee; we make great coffee because we take care to be a good global citizen. In fact, we are a part of a larger culture of corporate social responsibility. We’d love to share more about our approach to sustainability.

Behind the brew

We are focused on producing coffees that deliver the richest aroma and flavor. That commitment reaches to the very beginning of the production process, because we understand that the quality of our coffee is directly related to the quality of the relationships we have with the farmers. Quality starts with choices that happen on the farm, from growing healthy, productive plants to harvesting and processing the fruit with keen attention and care.

Carefully sourcing the perfect bean is just the start. The perfect cup reflects thoughtful consideration of each bean's character to strike just the right balance of flavor, body, and acidity.

Learn more about our approach to sourcing, roasting, and blending the coffee you love.

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