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Brewer Support

Let's start with frequently asked questions

  • How hot is the water in the brewer?
    An espresso will be approximately 167 -176 degrees Fahrenheit (75-80 degrees Celsius) which is slightly lower than an average coffee at 194-203 degrees Fahrenheit (90-95 degrees Celsius). Heated milk will range between 149 -158 degrees Fahrenheit (65-70 degrees Celsius), depending on how much milk was placed in the Frothing Pitcher.
  • Can I change the internal temperature?
    The temperature of the Rivo® System is not adjustable.
  • What type of milk can I use for frothing?
    The Rivo® System allows customization of your cappuccino or latte by selecting any form of fresh milk– skim, whole, soy, rice, almond, etc. However, different brands will produce different results. For best results, be sure that the milk is cold, as cold milk is the most receptive to frothing. The frothing process of the Rivo® System assumes the milk is always cold and then froths for a specific time based on the beverage button selected. If milk is not cold, then the milk may be overheated or scalded during the frothing process.
  • Is there a difference if I froth whole or skim milk?
    Yes, the level of froth will depend on the milk selected. If one desires more froth, then, in general, one should use skim milk versus whole milk. Although one is also able to froth soy, almond, and rice milk with the Rivo® System, it is more difficult to achieve a similar level of froth to skim milk. Note: In Italy, espresso beverages are typically made with whole milk, creating less volume, but more richness in foam.
  • How is a cappuccino made with the Rivo® System different than one made with the Vue® System?
    The two systems use entirely different coffee blends and beverage extraction processes to produce two distinct taste profiles. The Rivo® System uses a high pressure brew process specific to espressos; the Vue® System utilizes one specific to coffee.
    The Keurig® Vue® System was designed for coffee lovers seeking the ability to customize their cup and who might occasionally be interested in an alternative beverage. The Keurig® Rivo® System is perfect for the espresso consumer desiring the complex, condensed notes found only in Italian espresso and who are looking forward to simply and easily making espresso beverages. The Vue® System makes café style cappuccinos; whereas the Rivo® System makes authentic espresso-based beverages.
  • How do I know when the Rivo® System is ready?
    Approximately 1 minute after pushing the Power button, the lights on the Control Panel light up and a beep is heard. When the lights start flashing, the brewer is ready.
  • What makes the Keurig Rivo System different from the competition?
    The Rivo® System is unique, because it allows one to craft an espresso or espresso beverage exactly to one's tastes, while adhering to these 3 principles:
    • Authenticity – The Rivo® System bases all its beverages on the finely ground coffee blend perfected by Italy's coffee roaster, Lavazza. Each blend has been carefully pre-selected and tested to match the American taste profile. The chosen 4 blends offer the consumer an assortment - wide enough to showcase a range of tastes without becoming overwhelming by offering too much choice.
    • Freshness – Espresso beverages taste best when using fresh milk. The Rivo® System froths one's milk differently depending on one’s desired beverage.
    • Simplicity – Too many espresso makers never see the light of day, because they are too complicated. The Rivo® System marries Keurig simplicity with Italian taste to bring espresso and espresso beverages to the American consumer – all at the touch of a button.
  • Can I froth and brew at the same time?
    Since both the brewing and frothing processes utilize the same internal mechanism, only one process can be performed at a time. This was done to avoid having two mechanisms, which would have led to a much larger brewer. For each espresso beverage, we recommend brewing first, then frothing, and finally combining.
  • Can I use my own cup to froth milk?
    No, the Rivo® System is optimally designed for the Frothing Pitcher, so that one obtains perfect hot or cold froth – every time.
  • Is it possible to steam the milk without frothing?
    No, it is not possible to steam the milk without frothing. However, if the goal is to have less froth, then fill the Frothing Pitcher with milk up to the MAX line and push the latte function.
  • How do I turn the brewer off?
    The easiest way to turn off the Rivo system is by unplugging the power cord. The Rivo is programmed to turn off automatically after 2 minutes of idle time.
  • What happens if the Rivo® pod is stuck in the brew head?
    The Rivo® pod may be stuck for a number of different reasons:

      •  Full Pod Bin – Please have the consumer check the Pod Bin in case it is full. A full Pod Bin will not allow a further portion pod to be brewed.
      • Jamming – On occasion, a Rivo® pod may get stuck in the brew head. If this occurs, you can carefully jiggle the pod with your fingers to release it. It will then fall into the Pod Bin.
      • Defective needle – If the pod continually gets stuck (even after troubleshooting), then the brewer may have a defective needle.
  • How many BARS of pressure are used when creating an espresso?
    Bars are used to measure pressure in high pressure devices. The Rivo® System uses up to 15 bars during the brew cycle, following the Italian standard for brewing espresso.
  • What is PSI?
    PSI (pounds per square inch) refers to a different way of measuring pressure. 14.7 PSI equal 1 bar, the term used to measure high pressure systems. Espresso makers are usually measured in bars versus PSI.
  • How do I drain and store the Keurig® Rivo® System?
    Unlike the other Keurig® systems, the Rivo® System has no internal water tank. As a result, only the external water reservoir needs to be emptied prior to storing.
  • There is water in the Drip Tray. Is that normal?
    Yes, the Drip Tray captures the excess liquid from the brewing process. It should be emptied after approximately every 8 brews. As a reminder, the small red tower in the Drip Tray will become elevated.
  • What is the height from the top of the drip tray to the bottom of the dispensing area?
    The height from the top of the drip tray to the bottom of the dispensing area is 6 ¼ inches.
  • My frother overflowed. What happened?
    It is possible that there was not enough milk in the Frothing Pitcher, which can cause overflowing. If this occurred, the system should be thoroughly cleaned before trying again.
  • What are the amounts of the MIN and MAX lines on the Frothing Pitcher?
    The MIN line holds up to 4.5 oz of liquid and is 1.5 inches (37 mm) from the bottom; whereas the MAX line holds up to 6.0 oz of liquid and is 1.8 inches (46 mm) from the bottom.
  • What can I do if the Frothing Whisk comes undone?
    Gently stretch the spring, so that it is placed again on the external track of the Frothing Whisk. If the spring is lost, it may be replaced as part of the Frothing Pitcher.
  • How do I insert the Frothing Pitcher?
    After placing the lid on the Frothing Pitcher, one will see an arrow directing frontwards. Insert the entire Frothing Pitcher into the right side of the brewer. Please hold the handle when inserting and insert at a straight angle. Once inserted into the frothing station, you should hear a soft click and a beep. The frothing may now begin. If the frother is not engaged correctly, you will hear 3 short beeps. Please check that the Frothing Pitcher is fully inserted and try frothing again.
  • What should I do if the buttons are blinking in a circular pattern?
    This blinking pattern means that the brewer has run out of water. Once the water reservoir is refilled, you can resume your brew by pressing the last selected mode. If this is done within 2 minutes, one can continue to craft one's beverage. Otherwise, press the POWER button again and re-start the process. A new brew will be required (new Rivo® pod).
  • Does the Rivo accommodate a water filter?
    The Rivo System does not accommodate a filter in the water reservoir. We recommend using bottled water.
  • My brewer is not working, can I have it serviced?
    We are sorry that you are having issues with your Keurig brewer. Customer Satisfaction is very important to us at Keurig so please contact our Customer Service.

General Brewer Information

    Coffee and tea are over 98% water so quality drinking water is necessary to produce a quality beverage. We don’t recommend the use of softened water or distilled water. Bottled or spring water works best when brewing with your Keurig.

    The most common concern with water for brewing is the "hardness" of the water. This refers to various natural minerals found in water such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, sulfate and chloride. The number of grains of dissolved minerals changes the level of soluble solids extracted from the coffee and tea. As hard water passes through the brewer, it produces deposits of scale or lime. This reduces the life and efficiency of the equipment, and affects the brew flavor; bottled or filtered water should be used to solve this problem. Keurig also recommends descaling your brewer at least every 3-6 months depending on your water source.
    For most Keurig® home brewers, you may purchase a replacement removable water reservoir or removable drip tray on To find a removable water reservoir or removable drip tray for your brewer:

    View parts

    Please note: Not all Keurig® home brewer replacement parts are available online so if you cannot find the part you’re looking for, please contact Customer Service. Please have your Serial Number available when calling.
    All Keurig brewers and Keurig licensed brewers share the same innovative technology that ensures a fresh-brewed, perfect beverage every time. However, Keurig does market separate home and work brewers with features and UL certification appropriate for their intended use.

    Brewers that are engineered for home use, are UL Listed for Household use only, and thus should not be used in a commercial/office setting. In general, these brewers are designed for typical home use – including features and aesthetics most appropriate for a kitchen environment. All home brewers can be purchased on and specific models can be purchased through our retail partners. To find out which home brewer is right for you:

    View all Home brewers

    Keurig commercial brewers are UL Listed for Commercial use only. If you would like to purchase a brewer for a small to medium office please consider our small-medium office brewers that can be purchased directly at or, if you require something for your larger office, we would be happy to have a Keurig Authorized Distributor contact you.
    While Keurig brewers are made to be used at elevations up to 6,000 ft., portion pods may need to be pre-punctured prior to brewing to release the pressure inside. To do this simply drop the K-Cup® pod into the K-Cup® chamber and push down slowly so that the bottom of the K-Cup® pod is punctured by the exit needle in the bottom of the chamber. Also, the Keurig Special Edition, Ultimate, Platinum, Select and OfficePRO® Premier brewers are equipped with a temperature control so you may want to experiment lowering the brew temperature in elevated areas. Additionally, the K2.0 has a specific ‘High Altitude’ setting to enable for use in high altitudes.


Warranty Information

  • Limited One Year Warranty
    Keurig warrants that your Keurig® Home Brewer will be free of defects in materials or workmanship under normal home use for one year from the date of purchase. Keurig will, at its option, repair or replace the Brewer without charge upon its receipt of proof of the date of purchase. If a replacement Brewer is necessary to service this warranty, the replacement Brewer may be new or reconditioned. If a replacement Brewer is sent, it will carry a One Year Warranty from the date of shipment. Keurig will cover all shipping costs for authorized returns.

    This warranty only applies to Brewers operated in the United States and Canada. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state and, in the case of Canada, from Province to Province.

    This warranty by Keurig only applies to the Breville, Cuisinart, and Mr. Coffee Home Brewing Systems for 30 days following the purchase date from For more warranty information about the Breville Brewing System, please contact Breville Customer Service at 1-866-BREVILLE or go to the Breville website at For more warranty information about the Cuisinart Brewing System, please contact Cuisinart Customer Service at 1-800-211-9604 or go to the Cuisinart website at For more warranty information about the Mr. Coffee Brewing System, please contact Mr. Coffee Customer Service at 1-800-672-6333 or go to the Mr. Coffee website at
  • What is not covered by the Limited Warranty?
    THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES SUCH AS PROPERTY DAMAGE AND DOES NOT COVER INCIDENTAL COSTS AND EXPENSES RESULTING FROM ANY BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY, EVEN IF FORESEEABLE. Some states or Provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you depending on the state or Province of purchase.

    Nor does this warranty cover damages caused by services performed by anyone other than Keurig or its authorized service providers, use of parts other then genuine Keurig parts, or external causes such as abuse, misuse, including use in an office or other commercial setting, inappropriate power supply or acts of God.
  • Other Limitations
  • How do you obtain warranty service?
    Keurig® brewers are high quality appliances and, with proper care, are intended to provide years of satisfying performance. However, should the need arise for warranty servicing, simply call Keurig Customer Service at our toll free phone number 1-866-901-BREW (2739). Please do not return your brewer for servicing without first speaking to Keurig Customer Service to obtain an Authorization to Return number (ATR). Keurig® brewers returned without an ATR number will be returned to the sender without servicing.
  • Appropriate Use of Keurig® Commercial and Home Brewers
    Keurig strongly recommends that offices use UL Commercial rated coffee brewing equipment—and not UL Household rated products.

If you need to reach customer care, here's how:


Toll-free, 7 days a week 7 am - 12 am EST

Hot Brewers: 866.901.BREW (866-901-2739)


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