Starbucks® Roast Variety Pack ( 72-ct ) Bundle
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Starbucks® Roast Variety Pack ( 72-ct ) Bundle

Starbucks® Roast Variety Pack ( 72-ct ) Bundle

Starbucks® Roast Variety Pack ( 72-ct ) Bundle

Starbucks® Roast Variety Pack ( 72-ct ) Bundle

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Bring the rich flavor of Starbucks® coffee home with this collection of your favorite varieties, including Veranda Blend®, Pike Place®, and French Roast. Sample from a range of light, medium, and dark roast coffee.


Veranda Blend® Coffee
In Latin America, coffee farms are often run by families, with their own homes on the same land where their coffee grows. We’ve sipped coffee with these farmers for decades, sitting on their verandas, overlooking the lush beauty of the coffee trees rolling out in the distance. Most times it was a lightly roasted coffee like this one. It took us more than 80 tries to get it right—mellow and flavorful with a nice softness.


Pike Place® Roast Coffee
From our first store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market to our coffeehouses around the world, customers requested a freshly brewed coffee they could enjoy throughout the day. So in 2008 our master blenders and roasters created it for you, a blend so consistent and harmonious that no single characteristic dominates—or disappears. A smooth, well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees with subtly rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts, it’s perfect for every day.


French Roast Coffee
This is French Roast, and you can't roast it darker. Straightforward, light-bodied with low acidity and immensely popular since 1971, our darkest roast is adored for its intense smokiness. Smoky and singular, the pure, explosive flavor of our darkest roast.


• (24) K-Cup® pods of Starbucks® Veranda Blend® (light roast)
• (24) K-Cup® pods of Starbucks® Pike's Place® (medium roast)
• (24) K-Cup® pods of Starbucks® French Roast (dark roast)


Pike Place is a registered trademark of The Pike Place Market PDA, used under license.