How to Descale your Keurig® Coffee Maker
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Use descaling solution every 3 months to maintain your Keurig® brewer

What you’ll need: 1 bottle Keurig® Descaling Solution. A large ceramic mug (do not use paper). Fresh water. Access to a sink.

Step 1: Power Off & Empty Reservoir (remove water filter) 
Step 2: Pour Keurig® Descaling Solution into reservoir
Step 3: Fill empty bottle with water and add to reservoir
Step 4: Power on, place mug, perform a cleansing brew using 10oz. brew size
Step 5: Pour contents of mug into sink
Step 6: Repeat until “add water” light comes on
Step 7: Let brewer sit for 30 minutes (with power on)
Step 8: Rinse reservoir thoroughly
Step 9: Fill reservoir with fresh water and perform at least 12 cleansing brews