Keurig is committed to social responsibility.


As part of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., (GMCR) Keurig shares in GMCR’s strong tradition of sustainability. This tradition delivers value for our employees, the communities that host our facilities, our business partners, shareholders, and stakeholders all along our value chain. We are passionate about innovation and have a strong sense of responsibility to give back to the communities we’re connected to, both in North America and in the communities around the world from which we source our products. In short, we intend to improve the world through our business — Brewing a Better World TogetherSM. Our commitment to sustainability has remained strong as our Company has grown. We continue to articulate our strategy for responsibility and align it with the growth, innovation, and product diversity that characterize our business today.

We focus this commitment on three specific practice areas: Resilient Supply Chain, Sustainable Products, and Thriving People and Communities.

Building a Resilient Supply Chain means helping the producers and manufacturers in our supply chain, as well as their employees and wider communities, to adapt to the many challenges they face and to prosper over the short term and the long term.

We believe our products can be sourced, designed, and manufactured in ways that are good for people and good for the environment. We strive for balance in the way we engineer our operations and our finished products, while working to create Sustainable Products.

When our people thrive, our business thrives. And so do our communities. We focus on developing and engaging our people, while making a difference within our communities and simultaneously benefiting our business as a whole, working towards Thriving People and Communities.

Visit our Sustainability webpage to learn more.

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