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Keurig® KOLD™ drinkmaker puts the power to make cold beverages, on demand, right at your fingertip. Simple? You bet.
Delicious? Definitely.
Refreshing? For real!

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Something for everyone

She likes seltzers, he wants mixers for cocktails. Want a Coke®? How about an iced tea? Or maybe a refreshing flavored water.

Get what you want, when you want it, at the push of a button.

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How we keep our cool

Like never before, you can take room temperature water and transform it into an ice-cold, still or sparkling beverage.

How do we do it? Check out the short video below about our KOLD™ chiller technology.

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Freshness counts

Every perfectly portioned 8-oz beverage is freshly made on the spot. It's just one touch to refreshments – all your favorites, made at home, by you.

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Take it easy

Before you know it, you'll be enjoying an ice-cold, still or sparkling beverage without any messy syrup bottles or CO2 canisters.

No space in the fridge? No problem. KOLD™ pods are compact and stored in the pantry.

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Ready to get a taste of Keurig® KOLD?