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For the Love of Coffee Today and Tomorrow

We Love Coffee

It’s what we do. That’s why all our coffee is 100% responsibly sourced1click to read disclosure 1, 100% of our K-Cup® pods are made from recyclable material2click to disclosure 2, and why we are making more brewers with recycled plastic. And it’s why we’re committed to sustaining the communities involved in growing, harvesting and distributing the coffee you love.
We think of it as an ecosystem in a cup. We do it for people who love our planet, and our coffee, as much as we do – so we all can enjoy it for generations to come.

1 During 2021, COVID-19 impacts and shipping delays resulted in a very small amount conventional coffee deliveries (0.38%).

2 Check locally, not recyclable in many communities, excluding lid and coffee grounds.

Collage containing images of a K-Cup pod, a Keurig brewer, and a coffee farmPeelable Lid K-Cup pod being peeled and Woman smiling with Keurig coffe maker

A Commitment to the Cup

From our recycling and manufacturing efforts, to supporting coffee farming communities, we’re passionate about protecting the future of coffee.

Diagram of a broken down K-Cup pod emptying into a coffee mug

Responsible sourcing

100% of our coffee is responsibly sourced.1

Clean energy

100% of electricity used in our manufacturing facilities will come from renewable sources.

Reducing waste

100% of our K-Cup® pods are made with recyclable material.2

  • 1 Responsibly sourced means the coffee we purchase is grown and sold in adherence to a credible sourcing program that aligns with our Company Supplier Code of Conduct. During 2021, COVID-19 impacts and shipping delays resulted in a very small amount of conventional coffee deliveries (0.38%).
  • 2 Check locally. Not recyclable in many communities, excluding lid and coffee grounds.

Partnerships for a Better Brew

We partner with many organizations across the world – with just a few highlighted here – in efforts to care for the coffee ecosystem.

Hands holding a warm mug of coffee

World Coffee Research

We’ve teamed up with World Coffee Research with the aim of developing different coffee varieties that can withstand the effects of climate change while producing higher quality coffee.

Learn More about World Coffee Research
Male coffee farmer harvesting coffee beans

Root Capital

Through our 20+ year partnership with Root Capital, we’re supporting small scale coffee farmers and their families with financing and advisory services.

Learn More about Root Capital
Female coffee farmer harvesting coffee beans

Blue Harvest

We’re promoting sustainable coffee production by helping train over 2,500 farmers to provide safer and cleaner water.

Learn More about Blue Harvest
Hand throwing K-Cup pod into a recycling bin

Polypropylene Recycling Coalition (PRC)

K-Cup® Pods are made with #5 plastic, polypropylene. With this partnership, we are working to expand the acceptance of polypropylene for recycling across the US.

Learn More about Polypropylene Recycling Coalition (PRC)

An Ecosystem in a Cup

We are working across our supply chain to identify areas that we can positively impact, from addressing issues affecting our farmers to expanding our recycling initiatives – to support the protection of the coffee ecosystem for future generations.

hand with coffee bean icon

Coffee Sourcing

We source from growers who value environmental responsibility and protecting coffee quality.

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Farming Communities

We support efforts to build resilient, inclusive, and thriving small scale coffee communities.

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We’ve built the largest LEED-certified manufacturing plant in North America and we are continuing to identify areas across operations where we could reduce CO2 emissions.

coffee pod recycling icon


To help more of our pods get recycled, we’ve improved packaging, invested in recycling testing, and helped strengthen the recycling infrastructure.

Show Your Love of Coffee

It’s easy to show the love by recycling at home and at work.

Recycling K-Cup® pods at homeRecycling K-Cup® pods at your office
Warm mug of coffee next to two K-Cup pods

Revitalizing Coffee Communities

Female coffee farmer harvesting coffee beans

Sumatran Seedling Program

Enhancing the quality of life for farmers in Sumatra

In Sumatra, some aging coffee trees were producing fewer beans. We teamed up with one of our suppliers to provide farmers with high-quality seedlings. This not only grows better beans, but increases productivity, helping growers to increase their incomes and provide for their families and communities.

Birds-eye view of a coffee farm

Sustainable Coffee Project

Transforming rural coffee communities

In collaboration with Root Capital, Keurig launched the Partnership for Sustainable Coffee. With support from Feed the Future, the US Government’s global hunger and food security initiative, by the end of 2020, the project had reached 183 farmer businesses with lending and advisory services, supporting sustainable livelihoods for 330,000 smallholder coffee farmers and their families.

Brewing a Better World

Single-serve Sustainability

We’re working to explore ways to support a sustainable future, and one of our current development priorities is a compostable K-Cup® pod. We’re also working to expand EASY-PEEL lids to make K-Cup® pod recycling1 more convenient. The K-Cup® Universal Reusable filter is another great way to brew the perfect cup.

1 Check locally. Not recyclable in many communities, excluding lid and coffee grounds.
Peelable Lid K-Cup pod being peeled
Keurig coffee maker brewing into a mug

Better Brewers for a Better Planet

Many of our new brewers use less energy compared to prior models, and many incorporate recycled plastics. The K-Mini®, K-Mini Plus®, K-Café Essentials®, KCompact®, K-Slim®, and K-Café Smart® all contain more than 50% recycled plastic.2

2 Only applies to brewers in color black.
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