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Expertly sourced.
Exceptionally smooth.
No coffee maker needed.
Try it today, and taste
the difference.


What’s Inside Counts

Every SteePack™ filter
is filled with specially
selected ground coffee
for remarkably smooth,
remarkably easy
cold brew coffee


Green Mountain
Coffee Roasters®

Alpine Roast
Cold Brew Coffee

Made with precisely ground
Colombian beans, for a
deliciously smooth cold
brew coffee with notes of
cocoa, plum, and caramel


How to Brew a Pitcher

2 SteePack filters yield 6 cups
Store in your fridge for up to a week

POUR 4 cups of water into a pitcher

ADD 2 SteePack filters

(It is normal for SteePack™ filters to float)

SET in fridge for 8-12 hours

REMOVE SteePack filters.
ADD 3 cups of cold water

NEW! Green Mountain Coffee Roasters®
Cold Brew Coffee -

try our Alpine Roast variety today!


Cold Brew FAQs

What is Cold Brew?

A unique brewing method where coffee grounds are set in cold water for at least 8 hours, eliciting bold flavors and smooth taste without the bitterness.

How is Cold Brew different from Iced Coffee?

Iced Coffee is brewed hot using a traditional coffee maker, and then served over ice. Cold Brew coffee is never brewed with hot water, but rather is steeped in cold water in a pitcher or carafe.

Do I need a Keurig® Coffee Maker to make Cold Brew?

No – all you need is a pitcher, cold water, and our SteePack filters.

What is a SteePack filter?

Think of it like a big coffee tea bag. Just drop the filters into a pitcher with cold water and set it in the fridge for 8-12 hours.

What types of beans are in a SteePack filter?

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Alpine Roast is made with a blend of Colombian beans.

Is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Alpine Roast also available as a hot coffee?

It isn’t, but for a good reason! Alpine Roast beans are specially sourced for Cold Brew, chosen for their smooth, balanced properties.

How many cups of Cold Brew coffee can I get from one pitcher?

Roughly six 8 oz. cups.

How do I open the foil pack?

SHAKE DOWN to ensure the SteePack filters are towards the bottom. Rip the foil pack at the tear notch, with a gentle force. This should allow the SteePack filters to easily slide out of the foil.