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Brew an Adventure
with Diedrich Coffee®

Explore an exotic world of premium coffees. Three generations of coffee
growers and roasters bring you the very best from around the world.

Diedrich K-Cup Pods

K-Cup® Pods

Aspiring to perfection

Diedrich has perfected every aspect of the ideal cup of coffee. Keurig® has captured that perfection in every K-Cup® pod. Choose from bright, crisp blends to start your day or smooth, rich blends to satisfy your dark side.

Our Adventure Story

It was the sort of start for which adventure stories are known and loved. The year was 1916, and Charlotte Diedrich had inherited a coffee plantation in Costa Rica. So she left her native Germany for Central America, and through toil, intelligence and sheer determination, made a success of it.

Her son Carl later took over the business, adding a second plantation in Antigua, Guatemala. Years passed. Beans ripened. And Carl ventured North from Guatemala to Newport Beach, California, bringing the first taste of true single origin specialty coffee to Southern California.

Diedrich Coffee, Inc. quickly grew from a local favorite, to a regional favorite, to a nationally recognized leader with retail coffeehouses and wholesale distribution from coast to coast. The secret to their success lay in a passion for mastering the details. The Diedrich family perfected every aspect of the ideal cup of coffee--from growing and selecting to roasting and serving all with a very personal touch. In fact, in the early days, Carl Diedrich even personally transported hand-selected Arabica beans in his VW van from Guatemala to California.