Keurig Recycling - Recyclable K-Cup Pods & Recycling Information
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Shop Recyclable* K-Cup® Pods by looking for the green recyclable* symbol on the variety on, or for the recyclable* flag on the box at retail.

How to Recycle K-Cup® Pods*
Recycling our #5 Plastic Pods is Simple!

Did you know that you and
#5 plastic are old friends?

High #5

When we discovered that most communities
have access to recycling, it was clear that a
pod made from recyclable* polypropylene #5
plastic was the best solution for today's
market. And of course, #5 still gave us the
ability to deliver the great-tasting coffee
you've come to expect.


Questions about Recyclable* K-Cup® Pods?
Read our FAQs

The Road to Recyclability


The first recyclable* K-Cup® pods are ready to brew


The recyclable*
K-Cup® pod is launched in Canada


As of 2018, 100% of K-Cup® pods produced in Canada are recyclable*


Rolling launch of the recyclable*
K-Cup® pod in the U.S. begins


All K-Cup® pods will be recyclable* by the end of 2020

*Please check locally. K-Cup® pods are not yet recyclable in all communities.