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We believe truly great coffee must promote the greater good. Part of this belief is our commitment to responsibly sourced coffee.

Responsibly sourced means the coffee we purchase is grown and sold in adherence to a credible sourcing program that aligns with our company Supplier Code of Conduct. From 2021 onwards, 100% of the coffee we purchase is responsibly sourced.


We are proud to partner with these organizations that are supporting our efforts to source our coffee responsibly. These organizations provide independent and credible certification and verification programs that allow companies to make smarter and more responsible purchasing decisions and create positive, lasting impact for farmers.

We support coffee farmers
that grow and sell their
coffee in a way that
fosters environmental responsibility;


ensures all people are
treated with fairness,
dignity, and respect;


and protects the
high quality coffee
we know and love.


Learn more about our commitment to farmers here.