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Rich. Dark. European.®

Enjoy the art of the coffee house in your own home, one fresh cup at a time.

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Inspired by the coffee houses of Europe

Crafted with the connoisseur of coffee in mind, Barista Prima Coffeehouse® is an exclusive collection of extra bold, dark-roasted coffees that reflect the refined tastes of traditional European coffee house brews. Each variety is complex, yet smooth and balanced.

Impossibly high expectations

The Barista Prima Coffeehouse® collection was born out of a passion for that extraordinary moment when you bring a perfectly prepared cup of coffee to your lips. A rare combination of European tradition and advanced brewing technology, these coffees are the satisfying culmination of a tireless dedication to the craft.

Our small team of coffee experts spent years in search of a way to recreate the intense flavor and complexity of the world's finest coffee house brews. They worked tirelessly to develop exquisite blends that could meet their own impossibly high expectations.

Finally our team perfected a technique to get more coffee in each single cup pack ... then filled them with the most-select, hand-picked Arabica beans from the world's premier coffee-growing regions.

Rich. Dark. European.®

After endless requests for an even richer, deeper, darker coffee expression, we are pleased to present a collection that recreates your pinnacle coffee experience, whether you've enjoyed it at your favorite neighborhood coffee house, or while lingering over a cup at a European café.

Bold and complex, yet perfectly balanced, each cup reflects the consummate artistry and handcrafted care that only the most skilled baristas can deliver. Barista Prima® is a collection of coffees our skilled professionals, and you, can be proud to serve to family and friends.